I tend to watch alot, alot, alot of different videos on youtube, most of them generally either comedic or music videos. The video above entitled “Her Morning Elegance” is one of my ultimate favourites, a video that I find quite inspiring. Whilst a music video by Oren Lavie it is not the song as such that captivates me most about this video. Made by the talented Yucal and Nerav Nathan alongside Oren himself the video is ever so carefully carefully crafted. The stop motion film which features the sharp photography of Eyal Landesman, is 3:36 in length and being a stop-motion sequence the video is made up of entirely still shots, roughly 3225 still photos for the entire video!! Even more fascinatingly, after weeks and weeks of preparation it was all shot within just 2 days.

The high angle which majority of the shots are taken from, really sets up the mattress as a canvas for the dream like state of the woman with the striking orange hair; the continuity of the same angle creating such a fluidity and ease to the flow of the images that on first viewing one could think it was just plain film. Very well planned, the video utilises props quite wittily. These props ordinary objects you would find in a bedroom such as socks and pillows and manipulates their movements to create the witty illusion of them being something else.; such as pillows as clouds, and socks as little fish. The movements, rhythm and pace of the visuals all coinciding perfectly with the soundtrack.

This video will always remain one of my ultimate favourite videos, it is the video which sparked my initial fascination with stop-motion and even inspired me to create my own.

‘Her Morning Elegance” is a clever work of art, that is quite simply captivating.


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