Changing The World Using Creativity

Everyone wants to be creative! And even more so everyone would like to be able to change  the world. But how do you manage that? Through harnessing your creativity thats’s how! But how does one teach creativity? Is it not something you have or you don’t? You can’t exactly learn it from a book or through endless study can you?

After viewing a number of presentations regarding harnessing cerativity, I will attempt to creatively answer these questions and let you in on the tricks of the trade!

Where do good ideas come from?

For 5 years Steve Johnson has been exploring the intrinsically interesting concept of where good ideas come from. Because well, who doesn’t want to be more creative, have better ideas and have our organisations be more innovative? right? Well, he believes that most  great ideas are born in the method he entitles “the slow hunch”, rather than just your sudden EUREKA! moment. Important ideas  needing time to mature and this is because the come from the collision of smaller hunches combining to create a greater one. Even the World Wide Web took 10 years to come into play from when it was first thought up! Often the missing piece to turn your idea from an okay one to a good one, coming from a different person.

so what did we learn from this?

Good ideas take time, they take planning and alot of trial and effort! So don’t give up on your ideas store them in your mind and wait for them to collide and merge with other ideas and come better. And don’t be afraid to share your ideas with others, for all you know they could just hold that missing piece to your puzzle.

Taking Imagination Seriously

Janet Echelman is truly one who knows about innovation! Taking your simple material of fishnet and now using it to create amazing billowing, flowing, building-sized sculptures. Finding beauty in the littlest of things, not accepting defeat  and compromising; Janet has been able to consistently utilise her creativity and even now combine it with technology and engineering to create spectacular pieces world wide.

so what did we learn from this?

Creativity can be found anywhere and everywhere, even in the something as overlooked as a fishing net. Janet’s story also revealing that creativity is something that is forever growing, and can take a great degree of time and perseverance.

A Lecture on Creativity

John Cleese in this lecture tells his secrets on how to inspire creativity within your self. There are no guarantees that ideas are ever going to be generated he warns, yet there are 5 ways you can get yourself into a creative mindset:

  1. Space- Sealing yourself off, away from all your pressures, where you will not be disturbed!
  2. Time- You need your space for a specific period of time, knowing that at a certain time your normal life will start again; allowing you to truly seal yourself off from the world. You need a good chunk of time too, so that you have enough time to properly think once your mind stops racing, a good amount of time being an hour and a half
  3. Time- The more pondering time, the more creative the solution will be. Give your mind as long as possible.
  4. Confidence- Nothing will stop you from being creative as much as the thought of making a mistake, you can not be playful if you are frightened!
  5. A 22 inch waist Humour- It gets you from the closed mode to the open mode faster than anything, laughter creating relaxation.

so what did we learn?

You need to set boundaries of space and time, so that creativity can happen. Play is only possible when separated from everyday life. Also don’t take the easy way out, make the ‘snap’ decision, the more you ponder an idea the more creative it will be. You have to risk the wrong and illogical, while your being creative nothing is wrong; anything, anything anything could lead to the break through

Creativity is a hard thing to grasp, but if these video presentations have taught me anything is that a major factor in harnessing creativity is time, time, time! As well as not being afraid to make a mistake or to be silly or wrong, because when being creative nothing is wrong. After all as Allan Watts says :

“You can’t be spontaneous within reason.”


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