Media Student’s Charter

Original Media Students Charter
My Edits to the Media Students Charter in Blue

When first reading the Media Student’s Charter, I thought that it really did not require all that many changes as it had almost all bases covered already! However, I felt the changes I have made to it are an improvement and quite important in a course such as media. My changes revolve around creating a good working environment, where honesty is key and both individuality and diversity are encouraged. For example to point 7 in the charter “Champion independent thought.”, I have added the words “and encourage” as I feel that as important as it is to be an advocate and supportive of independent thought, it is also important to be encouraging it among our peers. Another change I have made to the charter was to add to point 8 the phrase “and ensure you return them on time so everyone has the opportunity to utilise such equipment”, as this point talks about respecting and caring for university facilities I felt this was an important addition, as the equipment and facilities are there for everyone to use so its only fair that everyone has equal opportunities to use them.To point three I have changed it so it indicates the importance of participating in discussions and giving and receiving feedback in order to help with the ongoing improvement process, as without contributing to discussions it is hard to actually give feedback and feedback is required to know what needs to be improved.

I found the whole file sharing and collaborative editing to be a new and quite interesting experience. Although I will admit at first I was a bit confused as to where to post my edits and how to share the document,  even accidentally sharing it with all my contacts as opposed to just strictly media students; I think the whole idea is pretty great and innovative. Allowing multiple to edit the one document would be very convenient and could easily come in handy in team environments, saving lots of time. However, I can easily see how this sort of feature could easily be misused either by accident or through a deal of mischievous scheming which could result in sabotage, whole documents being deleted. This problem could be avoided if only shared amongst a small group of people, who you well and truly trust!


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