E-Books- Revolutionising or Destroying the Literary world?

noun /ˈē ˌbo͝ok/
e-books, plural
An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose.

E-books are a new technology revolutionising the way we read. Electronic versions of almost any book, available from the convenience  of your smart phone, i-pad or e-reader. But does this mean that the days of hard copy books are over? And if so is it for the better?

so what are the pros of e-books?

  • They are easily read-able having the ability to zoom and make the letters bigger.
  • They are easily portable and you can carry more than one book on the one device! Perfect for when you have only a few pages of a book left, or you are a super speedy reader!
  • They are much more environmentally friendly, no trees killed in the making or ink used at all.
  •  Lighting conditions never a problem, the e-readers having their own in built, adjustable light source.
  • It is perfectly ideal for covering up the fact you are reading books of the “50 Shades of Gray” variety while in public places, saving much potential shame!

so wait, then what are the cons?

  • They are useless without an E-reader of some description
  • You have to worry about battery life.
  • E-books are not always readily available, and not the most robust of tools!
  • Copyright Laws can be a worry even though you purchase the digital book, you do not own the rights to it, which can be an issue when trying to share the eBook with friends and family.
  • Less broad variety of books available
  • Formatting Issues can cause trouble, as different providers distribute different formats of eBooks, which may be incompatible with certain brands of readers.

Overall, there is no denying E-Readers are a huge technological advancement, that may eventually lead to the depletion  of hard copy books, especially as the technology improves ever so rapidly. For now however, I will admit I do still enjoy my books as paperbacks, no batteries required able to be read everywhere. Perhaps there will always be a nostalgic sense about paperback books. However, I do see the benefits of E-readers and I guess at the end of the day despite the pros and cons whether it be paperbacks or e-books each medium allows you to do the same thing… read a book!


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