FIlm and Television Week 1: IDEAS COME AT ME (please?)

So this week, was the first week of uni, and consequently the first week of Film and TV 1. Not gonna lie, kind of excited about this one, as I generally am with anything that promises to delve into the more practical rather than  being purely theoretical!

I really enjoyed this weeks lecture and how delved straight into the subject, no time for introductions! It got me even more excited about this semester, and I really learnt that I need to start thinking outside the box and looking at characters and story lines far away from me and my life. After all,  REAL LIFE IS BORING!!!

The lecture also outlined how we would truly be getting straight into things, and would have to come up with an idea for a 5 minute short film by the following week!! What?

I mean, in the history of my life so far, any time I have needed to begin the creative process, I had at least a few weeks to procrastinate and second guess every idea that could possibly have entered my mind before deciding on an ‘idea’. And this time finding out there was a little bit under a week to have an idea for a 5 minute short film about anything you could possibly imagine (providing it had one setting and no more than two characters) submitted, did freak me out!

This left so much less time for my usual idea developing process, and I don’t know what it is about the words “it can be about whatever you want” that seems to hinder my brain from working!! The possibilities just seem oh so endless, ANYTHING; and I never want to look back and think you could have come up with anything in the whole world, anything at all, and that is what you came up with? And the idea process just seems oh so crucial, it is the beginning of it all, you don’t want to start out completely off…

Anyway, enough rambling (for now anyway).

In this weeks tutorial we did look at different ways we each come up with ideas and even looked at how an idea can even start with one particularly interesting character and spring from there. We were asked to come up with a character, any character we liked, no constraints; and then once we were done we had to pair off with someone within the class and find a way to link our two characters together in the context of a short film. It was incredible and so interesting to see what people came up with and how they pieced characters together to create what would actually make some quite brilliant short films. This was definitely a great way to begin the idea developing process.

The readings this week in particular the one by Robin Plunkett offered some more insight into the ‘getting an idea’ process. It truly encapsulated how ideas can start from anywhere, whether it be a still photograph, a newspaper article, a location, a dream, a piece of music; the list is endless!

I bet after reading ALL that, I bet you are just absolutely dying to know what ideas I came up with after this whole new and enlightening insights into the idea development process, so here you go:

1- Amateur assassins, roommates and partners in crime: Blaze and Rob, come across a briefcase filled with one million dollars. Each wants the money all to themselves, and they begin attempts to action schemes to lead to other’s demise!

Can’t go wrong with assassins, right??

The second Idea I came up with was the following:

2- Samantha and Blake awaken in a strange, dark, unfamiliar house with no recollection of how they got there. A pool of blood, not yet fully dried stains the floor. What happened the night before? And why are the two locked in, unable to leave?

And that was the first week of Film and Tv 1! Should be a fun and certainly interesting semester that is for sure!!


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