Integrated Media: So Far…

Currently in the third week of the semester, Integrated Media thus far has proved to be rather interesting.

WEEK 1 – Hello Integrated Media

The introductory lecture for Integrated was captivating and eye-opening. The major thing which stuck with me was the thought of the internet not simply as a place to publish and distribute work but as a place to make, create and interact.  It underlined how in the course of the semester we would looking at experimenting and despite what is generally considered acceptable in society; it was okay for things to be “messy” “dirty” or “noisy”.  In fact, it was encouraged, because often “messy” can also equate to interesting and assist in learning. One of the major aims  of the course being to shift our thinking from naive to informed and really embrace the post-industrial media!

In the tute this week we were introduced to the idea of sketch tasks, 10 second videos created each week which  abide by particular constraints.  This idea of 10 second videos rather daunting! The thought running through my own and possibly everyone else in the lecture halls minds: “What can you really say in 10 seconds?” It wasn’t until I started shooting and editing my videos for the week the constraints being square things and round things in your house; that I realised 10 seconds can be plenty of time. Trust me, after accidentally editing a series of clips into a tenth of a second; ten seconds actually seems like all the time in the world….

Weeks 2 & 3 –  Critiquing 1.o.1

During these weeks within the tutorials there was a huge focus on the reflecting and critiquing process. This was done through the use of “thinking hats”.

We were presented with four ‘hats’ in different colours to offer specific critiques.  These included:

  • RED – an emotional response or your immediate reaction to the video
  • BLACK – what you didn’t like about the work, what were the problems and require changing
  • YELLOW-  what you liked about the work, what is good about it
  • GREEN – a suggestion, what you think could have been done differently 

The critiquing process was interesting, especially using the hats. I’m not to sure I am convinced on the process, because while everyone likes hearing what was good about their videos, NOBODY like wearing the ‘black hat’ and being that guy. Sure everyone understands that its just criticism, nothing personal, but still… And the fact that everyone in the course is so talented and I am constantly intrigued by what they produce and unable to fault it a good majority of the time does not help with this either.

I do like the ‘green hat’ however, I feel like it offers the chance for the most constructive form of criticism rather than pointing out flaws, it offers the chance for suggestion on ways to enhance or things that could of perhaps be done differently. I do, however, understand the reasoning for the ‘hats’ as it probes for criticism forcing people to share particular thoughts they have. I do wonder though, if peoples honest reactions would come out more in a more open forum type of critiquing….

My Goals for The Semester

In the course of this semester so far and throughout I am aiming to achieve the following:

  • Experiment with new technologies and approaches
  • Become more creative, attempting to break free from formal approaches
  • Listen to feedback and take it  onboard as much as possible
  • Develop my own unique visual style
  • Work with the specific constraints of each task



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