I believe a film’s meaning is both inherent in and influenced by its cinematography. I believe this as different ways of focusing and framing certain shots ultimately dictate the style and the emotional response felt by the audience. The use of deep focus, wide angled and skewed shots within films such as Sin City ultimately classifying the film as film noir and emphasising the clandestine often-bizarre situations, which are occurring. Had director Robert Rodriguez instead opted for the use of many shallow depth of field and close-up shots, the movie would have a very different feel. However, in saying this I also believe a film’s editing, sound, production design, and performances are of equal importance. All elements needing to be considered as a decision in any of these areas can determine so much about a film’s style, message and the emotional response felt by the audience. The cohesion of all the elements becoming “the story”.

A film may transcend the script/text on which it is based quite easily if one or more of the elements for instance the cinematography, performance or production design is astounding and able to win the audience over.  I have noticed this in my own viewing within quite a few films. For instance “The Impossible” being based upon a true story didn’t have many different ways it could go creatively in order to have veracity, there not being much to the story line or dialogue.  However, it is the graphics and cinematography during the tsunami sequence, which truly makes the film astounding. This combined with the use of, or lack of use of music throughout this scene truly encapsulating the horror of the tsunami and truly creating a sense of realism about it. This too can be said about “Oz The Great and Powerful”, whilst the storyline and dialogue was rather mediocre lacking humor and wit; its visually rhapsodic graphics which fill every inch of the frame with vibrant colours, redeem the film and truly creating a sense of awe and emphasizing the fantasy which we all know the land of Oz to be.

I definitely think in regards to our project, it will definitely be possible to make a good film, even if our script is not the greatest. I feel like we could do this through utilizing a really good understanding of cinematography and really experimenting with it. I also feel the editing and performances could make or break our film as well.  I am torn on this matter at the same time also; as while it is definitely possible for a film’s content to transcend its script; the style of film my particular group has opted to make is heavily reliant on the dialogue being well written. Without humor within the dialogue of our particular film, other elements will only be able to redeem it to a certain extent, the film within itself not having its intended effect and perhaps even lacking in both sense and entertainment.


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