Location Hunting!

Our film “Where is Pierre?” is set within the home of elderly couple, Barry and Lois who have been married for years.  Thus, in the location scouting for our film we wanted to ensure that the setting was reflective of such a couple. The house we were searching for was to be small, quaint, lived in and filled with many years worth of knick-knacks and photographs indicative of the couples lives together. The set up of both the master bedroom and the lounge room, of vital importance as the two key scenes occur in these settings. In our search we have come across three locations, which are viable options, each with their own pros and cons, and all, which could in many respects really work as the location for our film.

After tossing up between 2 locations we have finally found another location, that is just everything we were looking for. It is located in Yarraville and is the home of fellow media student Steph Milsom’s Grandma.  It has so much quaint character to it and unlike the others does not have white walls, rather yellow walls and floral wallpaper within the bedroom. The floor plan of the house in itself is rather amazing, the door ways into the kitchen and living room adjacent which will allow for a great double-action shot with Barry in the kitchen and Lois in the lounge all within the one scene. The lounge room within this house is also quite perfect. It is quite small and cozy, the set-up of two matching wooden couches with paisley printed cushioning, exactly what we were envisioning for enabling the required mood of the piece.The bedroom is complete with a floral quilted bedspread and a long mirror in the corner; the set-up will be perfect in capturing the scene where Barry finds the magazines.

On Monday we will be heading back to the location to map it out, do some tests and truly start thinking about blocking.

Glad to have found such a great location, hopefully everything else just starts falling into place now!

This layout will make for some great shots!

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