The Story – “Where is Pierre?”

So alot has happened in the course of film and television 1 since I have last written, this blog a tad neglected in the stress of organisation…. so to avoid one super long post on everything that has happened ever, I’m going to break it down a bit.

First up the story.

We decided we wanted to do a light hearted piece, and chose to go with fellow group member Milly’s idea about an elderly couple and their dog.

Here is the story outline:

“Lois and Barry have grown old together. After having been married fifty-odd years, they know each other like the back of their hands, or so they think. One day whilst Lois is finishing off his crossword, Pierre, Barry’s cherished Shihtzu goes missing. It’s time for his afternoon feed and the old man is searching the house with increasing desperation. As he kneels down to look under the bed into the master bedroom, Barry sees a cardboard box.

Sliding it out to look inside, he finds a stash of magazines. Flipping through the first couple he has seen enough to realize that the whole box is full of them. Furious, he rushes out to the living room and pours the magazines from the box onto the floor at Ralph’s feet. The two have a heated argument. Barry screams that her little collection makes him sick, that he can’t believe she would even dream of looking at such filth after all these years. Lois retaliates – how long do you think I can go without just looking, Barry? You think I get enough satisfaction from that old thing? Barry storms out, slamming the door behind him. Lois reaches down from her lazy boy and picks up one of the magazines from the pile at her feet, revealing the whole collection to be show dog magazines.”

I am really excited about making this film, and believe that in being a simple, gag orientated short film, it could work really well. The script which since picking this idea has been written is rather great, the dialogue which is crucial to the film very funny and contributive to the mood of the piece. With the help of some great props, a great location and hopefully some great acting, I have faith that our film could end up being really good!


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