1 WEEK / 7 DAYS / 168 HOURS / 10080 MINUTES / 604800 SECONDS

So as of today, there is exactly 1 week/ 7 days / 168 hours / 10080 minutes / 604800 seconds till shoot day!!

So… let the stressing begin!

In terms of location, props, make-up, catering, and script we are all organised; our folio coming together rather nicely. We are making one final trip to the location on Monday to really assess the location, figure out blocking and to do some equipment trials in advance, to make sure that all goes smoothly on the day.

We have, however, had one MAJOR problem! As of this morning we still weren’t fully cast, the struggle to find an actress proving to be quite difficult!

This Tuesday the 30th we called in all the applicants to the casting call we had posted on Star Now with 6 men coming to audition for the role of Barry and 2 women coming to audition for Lois. The audition process was interesting, it was amazing to see the script begin to come to life. Our auditions provided us with a bunch of different actors from the good to the really good to the just plain weird. We were able to find some amazing male actors, amazed at how different some people were in real life to what would we envisioned from viewing their StarNow profiles. The actors we initially thought looked as though they were going to be perfect for the part, proving to be not so perfect and the ones who we didn’t think looked to suit the part at all mostly due to age, really surprising us with their acting skills and personalities. After much discussion, we finally decided to cast Jeremy Kewley as Barry; despite being in his fifties and a fair bit younger than we had been searching for, we were so impressed with his audition, not only just his acting but also his personality and ability to take direction.

One actor was set in stone! But there was still a problem, despite having had two wonderful women audition, one whom we felt was so perfect in appearance, personality and talent; neither of the two could make the shoot date. So where did that leave us? We had no woman cast for Lois, and only one woman left who we could possibly audition, who after committing to come in to audition today ended up bailing last night. Luckily, Jeremy our other actor contacted some of his contacts and got us in contact with a woman named Helen who we met and auditioned today. Although, she too is quite young looking, she was lovely and a  great actress who had worked with Jeremy in the past, and in fact even played his wife – meaning there should already be a good dynamic  between the two.

So we are now cast, and although the two actors may not have been what we initially envisioned they are really good enthusiastic, actors who will be able to deliver the script with conviction. Besides, we have a great make-up artist and some daggy costuming to age them up a bit!  Perhaps this is even that serendipity Paul so often likes to talk about….


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