“It Will Never Happen To Us” – A Lesson in Naivety

‘Locations fall through all the time’.. they warned,

‘Be prepared for everything’ … they warned.

‘It will never happen to us’ .. I thought in response ever so naively.

Sunday night we received the text stating it may not be possible for our filming to go ahead at the location we’d selected this Friday the day we’d scheduled our shoot. Activate complete stress mode… We were all lost so confused! What did we do? Merely days away from the shoot date, do we sacrifice the amazing location so perfect for our script and use a back-up location ( which we had organised )? Would we even be able to use the back-up locations on such short notice? How much work would be involved in re-blocking a new location? Do we reschedule the shoot? Would our actors be able to make the shoot date if we did? And what about our professionalism in front of the actors, would that all be lost?

So many questions, and so few answers. Each of us lost in a daze, unsure of what to do, never truly fathoming that this could actually be happening, and silently hoping that it could just all go ahead…

Thank-fully, It all worked out and we were able to keep our location.

Crisis Averted!

So now surely we could relax, location problems, casting problems; surely we had now dealt with our fair share of problems!

Naivety or optimism, I am not too sure, but I was well and truly convinced that from here on in it would be relatively smooth sailing and stress free ( well not completely free…) We had everything under control, everything was organised.

Once again we were wrong, way wrong….

Problem #1 : Our main actor could only remain at the shoot till 5pm, meaning come shoot day we were going to be rather pressed for time. Not overly problematic, we would just make the shoot begin a tad earlier in order to utilise the maximum amount of time possible. Problem solved. But yet again, this was not the last problem to arise….

Problem #2: The make-up artist was going to require an hour for make-up as opposed to the half an hour we scheduled, and we could not find an extra make-up artist on such short notice. Approximately a thousand calls later, we came to the conclusion that the shoot would have to commence even earlier again, and we’d have to be ultra efficient in all preparatory activities in order to ensure we had max shooting time and everything would remain on track. Problem solved. Time to over-come the stress and relax a little before shoot day…. Or so I once again, so wrongly though!

Problem #3: Then today 1 day before the shoot, our leading lady rang regarding potentially beginning at 11 am due to other commitments, something that was not possible with make-up occurring so early in the day, and also due to the fact we required the morning sun for the shots she would be in, the shots that thus far had been scheduled to be first. After much to and fro, we developed a solution- compromise, schedule all her shots first during the day allowing her to leave early.

A stress filled build up it has been thus far, but fingers-crossed for a good shot tomorrow!! We have persevered and persevered, avoided tears and makor break-downs but its reached the point where I’m not sure how much more stress and wrong-goings we can handle! Can’t things just work out?

It has been an interesting experience though, and a true eye-opener to how things must be in the industry. Its tough work, things go wrong, phone calls need to happen, compromises need to be made and things need to be fixed – its just the way it is. I honestly don’t think I have never made so many phone calls in such few days in my whole life! The content of these phone calls, teaching me valuable lessons in dealing with people; how do you be stern and direct with someone who you still want to have a good rapport with come shoot day? That was a tough one for me! I didn’t want to sound rude or unprofessional, but had to acknowledge that as a hired actress she had made a commitment and things could only be arranged to a certain extent, apologising for any inconveniences. Something even harder when these people are donating there time for free, and we really are so thankful to them for that!

Anyway, all our pre-shoot problems have been sorted and we are all organised and ready for shoot day!

Now to get some rest, It’s going to be one long, intense day tomorrow that is for suree!!


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