The Screening

Film and Tv1 has come to an end, the film screening marking the end of an amazing semester!!

After many days and nights spent down in the depths of the editing suites, awake only at the aid of many a can of  V; I was extremely excited and nervous to not only see our film on the big screen but to see every one else’s films as well. I was super impressed with the amazing quality of the films everyone had produced, and was incredibly nervous watching 21 awesome films before ours was finally screened as the second last film of the night. I really enjoyed seeing the film we had worked so hard on come to life on the big screen, the laughs and ooo’s and general reception so fulfilling!!

There were a great number of films that really stood out during the screening for me, these included:

The Job Interview :

This film was a great one to kick off the night!! An excellent script, edited together beautifully; loved the insanity of the office smashing scene, along with all the assumption based jokes.


Isaac was edited together really well, the colour grading made the shots look great on the screen. I particularly loved one shot where Isaac was walking down a path trees on either side of him, the symmetry and framing rather great. I also though the music throughout was perfect, and really brought the film together.

About a Dog:

The  cinematography was fantastic, all shots within this film were both framed and lit beautifully. I thought the concept itself was quite simple and clever whilst still amusing and entertaining., and the actors did a wonderful job, in particular the one playing the awkward home owner.

Hilarious Transplant:

This film had me in fits of laughter from the very outset, the concept and characters just so ridiculously hilarious! I thought the performances, and the japanese graphics (which would have taken forever to make!!) were fantastic and really made the film.

At The Vanishing Point:

I think the non-linear editing of this film was courageous and worked really well. The casting was also really, really well done; both actors fitting their roles perfectly. The cinematography, however, is what won me over with this film; the use of lighting superb my favourite shots a dark outside shot lit with a huge spotlight on the wall, as well a shot within the back of the van which just looked great.

Rent Day:

Hilarious well-written script. Superb editing. Great mis-en-scene. Fantastic acting. Rent Day was another hilarious film, it could not been cast nor edited better. My favourite scene was definitely the slow motion, dream sequence as the bank clerk  beaming, blew kisses and flicked her hair. Oh and and and the contrast from the dream sequence to the unimpressed expression of the clerk in reality, and the crash zoom on the huge sparkling engagement ring, and all the jewish jokes and, ok just all of it was great!


Yet another film I really enjoyed. The cinematography and sound design within this film were incredibly fab! The location was incredibly perfect for the script as well. Also I was really impressed by how professional the end credits looked, overall a great, well-made solid film.

The Other Half:

One of the very few thriller/ drama films, which really stood out! It was edited superbly, I especially loved the fast paced editing as Lionel came closer and closer to breaking point, the addition of many sounds and the experimentation with panning truly paying off!! I also thought the superimposition of Lionel holding himself up against the wall, proving he was the ‘therapist’ character all along was great. The kind of film that keeps you on the edge of your seat and gets your brain thinking!


This film concluded the night, and on an extremely high note!! Was such a hilarious script and loved the combination of the stereotype of the looter and the juice sales person. It was also superbly cast, the actors fitting and able to pull off their parts amazingly. The set-up and use of a graphic design in the creation of all the props and the layout of the store, amazing; and the title was a great pun itself! Loved it, I  laughed non-stop throughout  and would definitely want to watch it again!

Overall, I am extremely proud of what every- single group produced; including my own! I have really enjoyed this semester and feel really lucky to have gotten the chance to work with some amazing people. The screening was a great and enjoyable way to end the semester!!


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