Pondering Stares, Deep Answers & ‘Abstract’ Footage AKA The Interview Task

During the first tute of the semester we were presented with the in-class activity to go out and record a documentary style interview in whatever manner we wished, so into groups we split and off we went … after a brief struggle as we tried to rekindle our technical knowledge. Our group interviewing Simon had a nice flow and I think we did a pretty good job, Simon was a good articulate participant, Amy worded her questions well, Neha was good on camera, AND I was fairly average on sound (not my strong suit haha). We got a few various angles to play around with and some classic cut-away shots of Simon gazing out the window pondering life’s mysteries (as much as he hated doing it). I thought our edit job was pretty good and despite a bit of over-exposure and a too high gain resulting in lots of background sounds. We definitely could have used more cutaways too, and perhaps discussed the direction of the interview a little more to have obtained more of a progressions/ thread. It was definitely an enlightening exercise which left me with a lot to ponder when it comes to the actual interviewing stage of our actual doco.

Come second week, and back out with equipment we went, this week to capture abstract footage for cutaways. Neha back on camera and me back on sound we headed out to capture our footage. I am not too sure what exactly happened to our mental states this particular morning, but its safe to say we lost the plot just a little  almost completely, and got quite silly! And whilst we definitely had a fun morning, this resulted in a variety of the most random footage you will ever see, which had no relation to anything what so ever, and no usable nor abstract sound as we talked / laughed through it. (These were actually recorded pretty well though this time, I must say). My mood when reliving all this footage was at the same level of silly and the cutaways were added in quite horrendously. I mean there is an arrow spasm at one point and a few too many terrible crossfades, the works. BUT definitely learnt a lesson in putting more thought into obtaining cut-away material, as it really can add more interest value to an interview and has the ability to look visually spectacular. Having some ambient sounds could have really have made more of an impact also!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.09.22 PM
Dat crossfade action



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