Film-TV Reenactment Inspiration :: Forbidden Lie$

One of my favourite documentaries of all time is Anna Broinowski’s reflexive documentary “Forbidden Lie$”, which sets out to explore and uncover the truth about best selling author & con-woman Norm Khouri’s deception.

One of my favourite elements within this documentary was a re-enactment scene constructed to the ‘truth’ of what Norma had written in her novel, this re-enactment containing cheesy elements such as Bollywood style music, driving off into the dessert hijab blowing in the wind and complete with the classic tooth sparkle ding! Then as respective parties weigh the truthfulness of what has been published, the events on screen are altered to reflect the difference between Khouri’s words and reality.  (For instance in one scene, Dalia’s brutal murder is dramatised on screen, ending with the actors involved rising and laughing, including the one playing the victim.)

I think a cheesy over dramatised re-enactment, in a similar style to Broinowski’s could work really well to begin our documentary. For instance starting out with the traditional hollywood gypsy fortune teller stereo-type (dressed to fit the part) sitting at a round table adorned with a red satin table cloth, a deck of tarot cards and a crystal ball. Smoke would fill the space creating a mystical mood along with typically mystic associated music. Any dialogue whispered in a creepy manner. This re-enactment could then be juxtaposed with the reality of tarot reading today, establishing and creating a stark contrast and setting the mood of the piece.


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