Potential Participants [Film-Tv Preparation]

Finding Tarot Card readers who are willing to take part in this documentary may be a much harder task than I originally thought! Whilst finding people who on appearance and in story seem fitting, its not as easy to secure them for an interview as many do not like to talk to the media or find them ‘gimmicky’ ….

After sending off a number of emails and visiting a couple of places, we so far have gathered at least a few potential leads which will hopefully turn into secured participants for our film.

One of the more likely leads thus far is named Elizabeth, who has a great deal of experience and incorporates her psychic, medium skills with palmistry, numerology, astrology and dream analysis into  her Tarot readings. One of the great things about Elizabeth is that she is also an entertainer and guest speaker / MC, who enjoys getting in the zone and dressing up according to theatrical themes. I feel as though this added experience will allow her to be an articulate participant who will be comfortable both in front of the camera and in talking about her craft.

The second lead is a tarot place called Riverwolf, and whilst unlike with Elizabeth I don’t know much information about the reader themselves, the place in itself and the vision is rather fascinating. The philosophy of the place rather soothing and enlightening, all about the journey through life, connections and realms.  The website outlines a number of different spread which would be interesting to explore. It also has listed a number of intellectual articles, proving the reader at Riverwolf has a definite point of view. The only complication with this lead being that due to being on a convention in the UK we wouldn’t be able to speak to them till around the end of the month.


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