The Fool, Death, The Devil – Meanings [Film-Tv Research]

Despite general negative connotations behind many of the tarot cards such as The Fool, Death and The Devil; the actual meanings behind the cards can be quite fascinating and sometimes in direct opposition to such connotations.

The Fool

– care free – important decisions   – new beginnings – optimistic

The fool is considered to be a very powerful card amongst the Tarot deck.

It usually represents a new beginning and thus the end to something in your old life. Its position in the spread will reveal which aspect of life is subject to change. It can  serve as a warning that there will be important decisions ahead that won’t be the easiest to make and involve a risk.







– new beginning  – end  – dramatic change

No, the death card does not mean you or someone you know will die…

Alternatively the death card is indicative of change in your future – whilst it may be in almost any aspect of your life, it will be permanent, significant and absolute. It suggests a severance between the past and the future. This could mean the end of a close friendship a job or a marriage; but does not necessarily have to be a negative change, just a dramatic one.






The Devil

– jealousy and resentment  – self-delusion         – selfishness

The devil is in the buisness of entrapment, thus the card signifies a situation from which there isn’t an escape or a road leading to such a situation.

The card can serve as a forewarning to help avoid such a trap, depending on where it appears in the spread. This card doesn’t necessarily foretell doom, but warns about the need for prudence and discretion.


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