Interview 2: Barbara

We recently interviewed our second participant Barbara, a spiritual psychic who specialises in spirit drawings/ art. With a crew of four, Simon, Moses, Neha and I we headed down to Barbara’s house; she was a fascinating, warm and very genuine seeming woman who was keen to show us everything around her house that displayed the range of her abilities. The shoot went relatively well, and we got some particularly interesting stories one of the ones I found most intriguing regarding how she predicted that a bushfire would completely wipe-out a woman’s house destroying everything and leaving the yard covered in ash.

The spirit drawing component was also extremely interesting, in this section she looked beyond Simon’s head to connect with one of his spirit guides discovering he was an elder named Thadeus a writer who lived in germany around the 1700’s. She then proceeded to let the spirit come to her and draw his image as he would have appeared when he was alive in this world. As she drew with her pastels both spectacularly and brilliantly she had this heavy breathing going  on – which was ridiculously trippy to listen to whilst monitoring sound, wasn’t quite sure if there were spirits floating around or I was going insane or what for quite a while!!

We got quite a lot of footage from Barbara, however, it was very much on her times- for her she was really almost using it as a promotional tool it seemed to me at times and she was really in control of what she said when – often when asked saying, oh I’m going to talk about that later can we skip it for now. She also didn’t do the greatest job explaining what exactly spirit drawing was, which was a shame because visually that was one of the most interesting components. Another major problem we had was in regards to sound, during the interview portion there is a massive fridge buzz that is really over-bearing and barbara being soft spoken can at times be hard to hear. We have a lot of evaluating to do after this interview, our two participants thus far have both been incredibly different.


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