Wanted Seminar 1: Non Fiction

The very first seminar in the Wanted series was pretty well done, especially factoring in the amount of time they had to organise everything, just 3 weeks!  They kicked it off with four amazing guests: Terry Cantwell, Genevieve Bailey, John Hughes and Maya Gnyp.

The promotion for this seminar was well done, I saw many posters and heaps of posts on Facebook in the lead up to the event.  On the day we were given a bag of nuts as we walked in with the same logo as the posters which was a nice consistency, and the branding ‘nut-fuction’; a sucker for a god pun I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was a little disappointing that the trail mix was the only food provided though, especially given the length of the seminar.

The guests were very informative and knowledgable in their various spectres of documentary. The main thing I took away from each of the speakers was how important it is to be passionate about what you’re creating, and the importance of knowing who your audience is and how to communicate to them.

Technically the crew did an awesome job with the set-up on the day and there weren’t as many technical issues as I had anticipated for the first group. In terms of format, I don’t think the pitch segment worked so well. Maybe if it was modified to be a more specific pitch it may have worked better or if the guests had been given the idea before the seminar? It just felt a bit all over the place and as though the guest were reiterating what they had said in the questions immediately before. I also didn’t think the tweeting in questions to a hashtag idea worked too well and was rather disappointed in how the Q&A had no audience interaction people’s questions ignored due to a lack of time.

Overall, I think this group did a great job and offered a really good start to the Wanted Seminar Series.


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