Wanted Seminar 4: Reel Crimes

This week’s wanted seminar was entitled Reel Crimes and was about the Australian film industry. There were three guests Nadia Tass a producer, Trevor Blainey a director and Veronica Gleeson of Screen Australia; a very diverse and interesting panel of guests.  The set-up was quite simplistic and clever presenting it like a panel with a long table and guests seated behind with name tags in front of them.  3 initial things I noticed about this seminar was the lack of theme in the setup, the audio issues which made it difficult to hear the speakers at times and also the fact that the host managed to get Veronic Gleeson’s title wrong which I thought seemed semi-unprofessional.

The content of the seminar was really good. I thought Nadia was fabulous and inspiring as she discussed her efforts to get funding for her films, such a legend! There was a real awkward tension between Nadia and Veronica however, as it was very clear that Nadia was slightly anti screen Australia oh and plot twist one of Nadia’s films was one of Veronica’s all time favs. One of the most important tips I picked up from this seminar and something that I think has been reiterated over the past few seminars, was the importance of having a vision  for the story you want to tell and passion for that vision. As without the passion and vision it will be  very hard to convince people to give you funds to make your work. Nadia also expressed the importance if making the film with the budget you have, which can be done by working out the essence of the shots you need and finding a way  to cheat them.

The format definitely could have been more unique and interesting but overall I thought that the content of this seminar was really informative, and liked that they expressed that there is no reason why you can’t make it in the Australian film industry; its just all about the approach you take.


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