Wanted Seminar 3: Femme Fatale

The third seminar in the Wanted Series was the Femme Fatale, women in the media industry seminar. I was really looking forward to this one as the promo video was pretty spectacular along with all their other promotional material. I loved that they had such a diverse range of guests too, with Jenni Tosi CEO of film Victoria,  Brodie Lancaster a writer and Elizabeth McCarthy producer at 3RRR.

To begin this seminar there was a quiz that posed questions regarding stats about women in the media industry, asking the audience to vote for the answers they thought were right. This quiz was a perfect way of establishing the tone of the seminar and contextualising the scope of women in the media industry. In terms of staging the use of a raised platform was very clever as it allowed the guests to be so much more easily viewed by the audience. Michael Kean was also a fabulous host, he kept the show running seamlessly. I thought his explanation as to why he, a male, was the host was a really good one.

I gained quite a lot from the content of the seminar. I enjoyed hearing about the guests experiences and struggles to become so successful and it made me realise that even today it can still be a struggle for women to make it within the industry. It also emphasised the importance of remaining strong and confident and not letting things bring you down or deflate you. Overall I felt like this seminar was very successful and I was quite impressed.


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