Wanted Seminar 6: On The Line

I was pretty impressed by the final seminar in the series, it was so theatrical and addressed its Matrix theme SO well. There were binary code curtains which covered the door to get in, little shots of pills (red or blue lollies) handed out as we walked in and the whole mood of the seminar room was fab. It was darkly lit with just enough light to make sure that the guests were visible, I thought the idea of bouncing the light from the LED’s was such a great way to create a softer light on the guests and an awesome green filter placed over one of the two lights was a great touch in keeping with the Matrix theme and dulling down the brightness of the lights. The music was a great touch also. I was impressed before the seminar even began!

They had a really good variety of guests, having people who work in the digital field across different areas of the media industry such as film, online and the written word. I thoroughly enjoyed the honesty of the guests, and also the debate that went on between two of them as well.

Although I am not looking to get into the digital field when I graduate, I did take away some great advice from the speakers. They made it very clear how important interning can be, often having the ability to land you a job such as in the case of Anna Horan. I liked that they recommended you be pragmatic about money and have another source of income while you are interning or working on a  passion project. I also found it very interesting how big Linked In is becoming in the employment sphere, and thought that was a good thing to keep in mind when looking for employment.

Overall, I thought this seminar was really well done. The speakers were interesting and informative. The hosts were great at keeping the flow going and so well prepared. And the theme was executed beautifully!! LOVED the pizza too. Only slight downfall would have been the lack of promotion for the seminar. Solid end to an amazing series of seminars


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