Gnomeadic Island: Gangnam Territory

You pick battle skills, however so keen to show of your newly acquire skills you kill the last herd of unicorns, pushing the breed into extinction.

Athena is not impressed and immediately removes your skills!

You continue out of the forest and find yourself in the ever so dangerous Gangnam Territroy…

Out of no where an outraged P.S.Y appears and challenges you to a dance battle. You know he will break out his Gangnam Style moves shown in the video below:

You choose to

a) Beat him at his own game


b) Invent your own moves


Gnomeadic Island: Forrester’s Forest

You are making your way through Forrester’s Forest.

Three goddesses appear before you.

Athena the goddess of wisdom offers you skills in battle, Aphrodite the goddess of beauty offers you the love of the most beautiful boy/girl in the world and Hera goddess of marriage offers you ownership of both Europe and Asia.

You choose:

a) Battle Skills

b) Love

c) Ownership of Asia and Europe