What is a, ughh… cowbird? I hear you ask, voice sparkling with oh so much exuberance and curiosity!

No, it is not a new species of animal accidentally produced when a cow and a bird…. , it is in fact a website allowing people to share their own short stories on anything they like through the internet all sparked through their belief that stories are “how we make sense of our lives”.

Inspired by the flipped lecture on futurism regarding Augmented Reality, I have utilised cowbird to write my very own short story!

You can check it out here:



Gnomeadic Island: The Beginning

You have arrived at the WordPress Warehouse dock, map in hand, ready to begin your quest and find that buried treasure! You leave the Warehouse and are faced with two directional options:

If you decide to head in the direction of the Sea of Seers scan or click the below QR Tag:


If you decide to head in the direction of Forester’s Forest scan or click the below QR Tag instead: